ChineseCEO Company was founded in 2009 by the China CEO Network with CEOTalk as an agent platform for online and ofine service operations.Since then, the company has built a foundation which connects foreign enterprises to China’s business sectors.The company has worked with over 5000 entrepreneurs creating a pragmatic innovation committee which has transformed multiple enterprises.
This has granted many enterprises with membership rights and customized services,and has brought together more than 1,000 cross-border exchange of Chineseand foreign entrepreneurs.Currently the organization focuses on Industrial 4.0, Smart city, New retail,Medical and health, Big Data and other key industries under China Suigu (Industrial Park).




  Kui Chang Li             Shu Liang Zuo               Chun Ting Hao                Hai Bo Cui





How can you make your business known at an international level?
Learn to pattern with the exclusive ChineseCEO Company,to explore more about the Chinese business sectors,and how your company will expand in this kind of environment.This company grants virtual opportunities for international sectors,provides room for innovation, fnancing and investment.The mode of this company is to establish a standardized working atmosphere for all foreign companies in China. Mainly we know China is now a fast developing nation,and many international countries like the United States, France, Germany and many others have managed to understand the business background of China. Can we say it is good?Yes. If a country infuences a big international market,
then the opportunities of any other company opening new outlets to explore the outside world markets are high.ChineseCEO Company however has created a new transition for all international sectors to amend their business ideas and emerge into the Chinese business environment.The company seeks to support businesses of all categories.