Allen Zhang: No respect to touch someone with purpose

Reagan发表于 2017-10-31 14:32:43
In January 15th 2018, the 2018 Wechat Public Class was held at Guangzhou.

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In January 15th 2018, the 2018 Wechat Public Class was held at Guangzhou. Allen Zhang who is the founder of  Wechat in Tencent company played a round of  the Jump mini-game  and obtained 967 score which was the Top Level before opening of the class. And He humorously alleged that the best  score has not gotten because of having a bit nervous.


He talked about the reason of making this kind of game like Jump could relaxe himeself.  And He also said that playing a miny-game actually is normal in the start page of Wechat. There are so many  cheating plug-in about the game and even existing in team of Wechat. And then Allen claimed Wechat was going carking down on the plug-in.


He approved that the Wechat Public Class has gone three year and has been discussed a lot by himself team.  We all believed a bright excellent product could be approved throughout itself without more explation and we never done any conference about the class. We thought Wechat should be shared for understanding by outside when users reached 1 billion goal.


‘We do not use  'dear u' instead of only u in our large amount of products’ said by Allen. And he believed that it's a equal relationship between us and our users and he put the principle in Wechat agreements. Finally no one use ’dear u‘ because users maintained other business intentions will occur in themselves

and cheated in the end if over-respectful. So we regarded our users as friends about the apsect of attitude and provides best products and service for them.


Allen also shared another important theory that it is not kind of respectful performace for someone to touch purposively.  He said that our products must keep the hightest-level profession and hoped to treat our users as friends rather than driven throughout obeying us. 


He also clarified that Wechat never have kept chat records of user through this opportunity. ’it is kept about the function until now from 1.0 version', Allen said.


'I am grateful for Tony. He told me  the best choice was that all records are not kept on Wechat from the eye of security', Allen emphasized, 'we had always been insisting on  this system design of not keeping chat records since then and encounterd much challenges by our users about complaining without cloud synchronization. We only give akward smile for ourselves because we believe it's actually safest measure without chat records for user privacy '.


He also expressed Wechat would never send any harassment information to user forever.


Finally, Allen announced four cheerful stratigies. First, Wechat would launch a independent app about Wechat offical accounts. He supplied this app development work almost had access to complete.  Second, Wechat Award function would be back and authors would be awared instead of accounts. Third, the subscription accounts do not achieve information flow function. Lastly, Mini-program was not especially prepared for electronic commerce.