Output of Chinese Enterprises & Import of Foreign Enterprise

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On July 31, 2018, ChineseCEO will hold a CEO to say 114 closed-door dinners. This event will invite government representatives, international business representatives, domestic well-known entrepreneurs and investors .






Since 2018, China's economy has slowed down further, especially in manufacturing-oriented enterprises, seeking to develop foreign markets. At the same time, foreign companies value the potential of the Chinese market and seek to bring the industry to the Chinese market and conduct business cooperation.


The event will invite representatives of the Chinese government, entrepreneurs and investors from China and Abroad to promote investment and cooperation on projects such as “manufacturing / foreign trade / agriculture / tourism”.


【Date】  31th July, 2018(TUE)
【Address】Building A3 of Huihe South Street, Chaoyang District, Beijing

【Participants Counts】16


17:30-18:00   嘉宾签到         Sign in
18:00-19:00   相见相识         Introduction
19:00-19:15   高瞻远瞩         Topic Speech
19:15-20:00   圆桌路演         Representation
20:00-20:20   举杯相映         Drink Wine
20:20-20:40   手有余香         Gift-Exchange
20:40-20:50   影留印象         Take Photo
20:50-21:30   高谈阔论         Free Chat


Cost ¥499 per(AA)
【Requirements】CEO/ VP Level /Investor


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活动负责人:张经理 18202320330 (Phone/Wechat)