CEO dinner meeting's introduction

ChineseCEO新媒体部发表于 2017-11-01 14:01:41
ChineseCEO is committed to helping enterprises connect innovation.

What can we do?

ChineseCEO  committed to helping enterprises connect innovation. Focus on four areas, Industry 4.0, Big Health, New Retail, and Smart City. The latest international activities, the most intelligent services landing, the leadership of government sharing will be the first time here.

Who is here?

A. Entrepreneur

B. Investors

C .Smart Field Entrepreneurs

D. AI / Industry Expert

E .New Retail, Big Health Lovers

F .Government leadership

Our membership conditions

1. The company provides a team photo to show cohesion and corporate culture photo.

2. The company provides two outstanding entrepreneurs or district (county) level above the government letter of recommendation, the president of network members or shareholders recommended.

3. Corporate business is Industry 4.0, big health, smart city, new retail and other fields.

Participated members recommend new people to participate in activities, members of the Association recommended new entrants.

China CEO Network Club code (by invitation or member recommended to enter the group)


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