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On Novermber 16, ChineseCEO Company is an organization that has created remarkable opportunities, and fee entry in China for foreign/ International companies that have an interest in collaborating with the Chinese’ organizations. The company partners with various Chinese organizations such as  HE JUN CONSULTING firm, ZHONG GUAN CUN  Big Data Alliance, Peesafe, Eayun and TIAN XING capital which together help to finance, innovate and boost the small sector enterprises. This company has set a standard to uphold a great business environment for the local and the foreign sectors to share ideas that can lead to an established market economy, and also create good relationships across nations in regards to culture.


The company yesterday hosted an exclusive meeting (ChineseCEO dinner) that composed of numerous investors discussing on the investment sector. Guests like The Government leader from Dongcheng Beijing District, Mr. Pablo Alarco, a reorganized investor from Peru Southern America, Mr. Hongjuan Song the owner of HONG MAN Capital a company that specializes in Culture and Creative Industries, Guidance fund, and ICT Investment, YONG XIN HUA YUN Culture as The United Nations Non Big Data platform, and many other business investors from China appeared at the event. 




The Leader of DongCheng District Government emphasised on the development of the National cultural center in Beijing. He is responsible for the Cultural Industry field, and he strongly encourages the maintenance of the cultural sectors in Beijing. Currently, he is working with the Beijing Municipal Party Committee Secretary as they both aim at promoting a standardized base for cultural development. According to the Leader of DongCheng District Government, five hundred million funds were issued by Beijing as a token to boost and develop established cultural enterprises. He also pointed out that one hundred million funds are to be invested into the cultural projects in order to stimulate the industry’s growth. To establish a fast growing Cultural Industry, Beijing investors focus on cooperating with social capital to encourage more established projects. Funds of about ten hundred million are said to be raised for this implemented plan.


However, more applaud has been directed to the enterprises that will have to obtain awards for their achievements. The Dongcheng government will award each enterprise in the OTC Market with at least two million. In the long run this will encourage more small enterprises to grow as the government has set a specialized consulting firm in Beijing for the growing projects to express their business ideas, and implement on their strategies.




The Company aims at improving the globe, the cultural heritage and the economy at large.  It’s been reorganized that many foreign investors across the globe have a great desire to establish their companies, but because of the many shortcomings, most of them have come to a close. However, through the help of the Chinese government, ChineseCEO Company has been able to establish its vision, by creating a tremendous platform for many international investors.  Mr. Pablo Alarco, an international investor, stated that China has a good background in the business environment in today’s world economy. He expressed his interest to have collaboration between Peru and China’s financial sectors as a way of generating the concept of investment in the two nations’ business environments. He noted that majority of Peru’s business organizations have enhanced, due to the tremendous penetration of the Chinese companies currently operating in his country. He suggested that working with other Chinese business investors could be a platform to share knowledge and experiences to establish a great economy for both Peru and China.


The function included the exchange of gifts as a sign of mutual business relationships. We can guarantee that the success of every business is to have great business ideas and responsive business partners.



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