The 108th ChineseCEO Infrastructural Development suining county

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 The ChineseCEO Company held its last annual CEO meeting yesterday the 26th 12, 2017. The Company hosted about fifteen top investors who included the Government leader from Suining County representing the Business department regarding to Suining’s expansion and improvement of the business sectors. Currently, Suining County holds a population of about 160million with a Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of 55.4billion rmb. The county is said to have a very fast growing economy ranking the 74th position out of the 100 top counties, and ranking first position twice in Xuzhou City. She stated that the next plan for Suining county is to implement a “4+4” strategy which will help in modifying the Traditional four industries which include; Textile, Electric business furniture, Leather products, and Domestic appliance.  Currently the merging four industries include the New energy, New material, New energy vehicles and New pharmaceutical. The “4+4” strategy is also set to implement on the rural revitalization. Suining business department has an exclusive deal to cooperate with Yili Limited to develop The Yellow River.


On the other hand other investors were Mr. Cui who manages the ongoing projects in Guomao; Mr. Zhang Xing a prominent Financial Company owner that is in charge of investment; Mr. Chenmeng owner of an Internet Technological Company, and other exclusive investors. The main core discussion was to emphasize on the infrastructural development, and how China can equip to the fast growing trends of today’s economy. 

The company is focusing on attracting more foreign investors and companies that are ready to establish a cooperative working system with China’s business environment. In regards to the meeting, some investors have expressed their gratitude, and have laid strong emphasis to engage in this business idea by sending multiple requests to the government as they would wish to contribute to this economic development. Mr. Duansi Ming a Financial service analyst for the government brought a concern on how the finance sector can be implemented. As the owner of a Capital oriented company, he suggested on setting up a business mode through a direct support of the ChineseCEO and government that would assist him on conducting a survey on the proposed project. He promised to focus on investing in the Public, Private and Partnership (PPP) projects in China.  

According to the development of Big Health, Mr. Likun, a well establish investor in the medical field implemented on improvising hospital machines that will be used in the local hospitals. The ChineseCEO board management emphasized that their next main concern is to introduce the New Vehicle energy project and they would want to establish a research center in Suining. ChineseCEO has also paved a way for other internal prominent investors from the neighboring counties, such as Mr. Song Ti Jing, a president of CSTV Company. This company contains 1.2billion customers, thus Mr. Song Ti Jing has promised to cooperate in the infrustactural development in relation to media broadcasts.



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