Character Interview丨Global intangible cultural heritage in China

Reagan发表于 2018-01-12 11:57:00

The ChineseCEO Company got an opportunity to Host Mr. Luo Yong the company CEO, and a creative mind behind Chinese Art enterprise known as Expo Park Yongxin Huayun Group. This company is under the United Nations Educational and Scientific Organization founded in 2003, and the Ministry of Culture. UNESCO is owned by the Asian president investor well known for his great excellence for being an outstanding winner in the non heritage protection award. All these great attributes have been to expose China’s 5000 historical background through their ancient art work. More so, looking at China’s historical heritage, the country has been trying to enfold culture. At present China aims at educating its people about the awareness of their culture, and embracing it. Currently the global aspect of every nation is to take the initiative to embrace cultural growth through encouraging the development of cultural sectors. Speaking to Mr. Luo Yong, he shared his general business background which indicated him as a profound businessman having worked with well established companies.

However, today he works with Yong Xinhua Yun a global intangible cultural heritage Big Data platform project. As the co-founder, the company has three other partners; COO, the former National Geographic Principal Product Engineer, CEO of Quark TRC, the Founder of the Continuous Entrepreneur, and the designer of the Mavericks Electro-Mechanical Human-Computer Interaction, and currently he is the COO at Yong Xinhua.  Furthermore the marketing associate, Mr. Lee has worked in the luxury jewelry industry for nearly 20 years of experience, and has done one of the best approved works in the country at present.  Mr. Luo Yong continues to emphasis that the main purpose of his project is to understand the China’s non- heritage which mainly points at the intangible cultural heritage.

So far Yong Xinhua Yun Company has collected around 1/5 of all the projects of the industry and will collect the rest of the projects in future 5 years. The platform owned was authorized by UNESCO from 2016, and has become an international standard platform through a tremendous devotion in the previous 1 year. In addition it will be create a platform for the intangible cultural heritage industry.

He elaborated on the three categories that are so influential to China’s culture such as natural and cultural heritage, which includes the preservation of the famous natural features, and also the historical and cultural heritage (man –made such as Great Wall and the Forbidden City ) which at some extent may not be able to accommodate the intangible cultural product.  He continues to say that his company provides a wide range in supporting non- cultural heritage which could be the target of his project, and this can basically contribute to the welfare of the society both economically and boosting the cultural small entrepreneur sectors.

According to the proceedings, the company generated the “Whole network cooperation” strategy from November last year, and developed the industry. Now the company has made a series of strategic agreements with China Big Internet Company including JD, Tencent, 360, and Net Ease. For example, the first attempt in the weather plate of Tencent, QQ achieved 1.7 million. He said the company had built relationship with Shenzhen cultural property exchange on exploring new business models.
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