Prospects of the Cultural Businesses in China

Reagan发表于 2018-02-02 18:00:54

 China has come a long way in terms of its cultural aspects. When we take a close look at China’s economy today despite of the growth in the industrial sectors, the revolution of culture has not changed that much even though other sectors have transformed incredibly. Today majority of the Chinese people have taken the initiative to retrieve their cultural routes through establishing well reorganized sectors that can support in research and development. This procedure could be the only opportunity that the cultural sectors can use to diverge into this competitive environment of different cross cultures that have penetrated the market with different commodities. According to Mrs. Dong Xu’s interview hosted by ChineseCEO Mr. Cui, she expressed that her passion to maintain and boost culture was driven from her grandmother. In a sense of not over looking culture as an ancient practice, she has been able to exhibit most of her success to setting up an innovation company that currently manufactures “Cheongsam designs.”  Mrs. Xu is the successor of Cheongsam culture leading Conscious Square Company. Sharing her ideas, she stated that these outfits are suitable for every kind of environment from occasional environment such as dinner parties to the business environment articulating that today’s business environment has changed to being white- collar. However, hoping to introduce this brand to the market, she focuses on innovation as a crucial aspect that will give an outstanding board to the Cheongsam outfits. 

Photo: President CUI and Mrs.Dong XU


On the another hand, Mr. Yong Chen the vice president of Shengjing Wanglian Group, a company that serves as entrepreneurs’ training and consultation center also pointed out that many countries at present have their own costumes, such as Japan, South Korea and many countries in the West. Unfortunately, Chinese culture has had a default with so many Chinese people adapting to the Western styles. Focusing on the percentage, he said that Western culture has had a great influence in the lives of many Chinese people, and now this has existed in the children who for example all like Adidas, Nike, LV, Hermes, etc. He also went ahead to state that the only way to advocate the Cheongsam dress code to be a suitable outfit, was to achieve self-design and easy production. Despite of people expected to have a controversy on this aspect, he believes that if improvements and various steps of innovation are put into consideration; there will be more people choosing to wear Cheongsam at different occasions. He also emphasised the element of cultural self-confidence, he reviewed that in the past most people over looked their confidence in regards to domestic culture. However, now day’s people's concepts have changed and they have begun to advocate and embrace their culture.

Photo: Ms. Xu Dong presents a personal signature to the Chineseceo


 According to Mr. Chen, referring to Ling Xi Fang's innovation, he said that in the future there will be a lot of small Ling Xi Fangs in the world. People will have access to buy their own Cheongsam through online design and in-store experience as a way of creating a balanced measure between Western and the Chinese Cheongsam outfits. At present China has developed to the stage of emphasizing on quality. So many factories are ready to produce high quality products in all sectors, and this could create a great chance for Cheongsam. For Cheongsam to see Chinese-style innovation Mr. Chen compared the current innovation with the past five years to ten years and he analyzed that all these periods are not the same. Basically he informed that every industry today does not need massive production, rather each industry needs a number of innovative leaders and the use of Internet thinking, that is to say to find someone else's troubles and needs and then proceed into manufacturing. This standardization of production and personalized innovation will promote Chinese-style innovation.

Photo: ChineseCEO international team and Entrepreneur


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