B&R connects opportunities for Chinese and foreign enterprise| CEO talk 114th

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Nepal Prime Minister K P Sharma Oli visited China on June 19 for China-Nepal Economic Corridor under Beijing's "Belt and Road initiative. "On July 31 Deputy Chief of Mission and Third Secretary visited in CEOTalk with the theme of " Chinese companies go out & foreign companies come in." The event focus on investment opportunities in Nepal and connecting local & foreign market. Business representative from Turkmenistan and dozen of Chinese entrepreneurs, investors and other industry experts took part in this event.




ChineseCEO is committed to connecting entrepreneurial innovators in business transformation, taking space as avehicle, relying on online and offline social networks. It focuses on industries such as Industry 4.0, smart cities, new retail, healthcare, andother key industries to accelerate services through the opening ofcity-operated industrial parks. Build an international innovation ecosystem that targets large companies, investors, and local governments.








In Far-sighted and far-reaching session, Deputy Chief of Mission in Embassy of Nepal in China, Mr Sushil K Lamsal, gave a wonderful speech for everyone , and made a comprehensive introduction from the aspects of industry, policy and investment environment. He also added that there are many companies investing in Nepal including China. Nepal now has high potential in sector such as road,  hydropower, natural resources etc and invesing in Nepal will yeild good return. 


Road Show



During round table show experts discussed about " Belt and road" initiative and opportunities in Nepal. Wang Hao said that Nepal is a neighbor of China and we can combine Chinese jewelry into Nepal with theme of "One  Belt , One Road".  Zhang Bin also mentioned that Nepal has potential for development in infrastructure and it is in line with future trend to transport railway/orbital technology to Nepal.


Through round table discussion experts exhchanged knowledge about from  realted field mainly focusing on theme " One Belt , One Road ".






★ ChineseCEO and Huishang International have reached a cooperation and cooperated with the Middle East for overseas business;

★ The Nepalese Embassy has reached a cooperation with Golden Twilight , which wil conduct business investigation for Nepalese custom entrepreneurs ;

Liji Ornaments Association & Sinomine Resource Exploration reached a cooperation to purchase Afrcian ornaments raw material through foreign trade ;

★The Nepalese Embassy and Turkmenistan Trade have reached a cooperation, the two sides will rely on local advantages to connect business resources , tourism investment and other cooperation.




Participation Companies Introduction



Renaissance Trade Limited



Committed to Turkmenistan's overseas trade with China, seeking quality contacts and business cooperation.



Sinomine Resource Exploration



It is affiliated to china National Mineral Resource Exploration Co.,Ltd., and its main business include geological exploration, engineering survey, mining services and mining rights investment. Seeking overseas business cooperation such as mining and surveying.



Qizhi Group



The "One Body, two wings and One Platform" business structure , which mainly include IOT, Big data , smart city etc, focuses on helping companies and government to provide complete data solution. Seeking national and international SME partners to jointly promote the market.




Huishang International 



Focus on the middle East market & a one-stop service for overseas business. Seeking business cooperation between Chinese companies in the Middle East.



Liji Ornaments Association



The country's largest specialty ornaments source, seeking business and quality contacts in overseas market.



ZTHT Engineering




Affiliated to China Railway Engineering Corporation and its committed to railway track survey , design and supervision consulting. Seeking railway track landing and business cooperation.




Golden Twilight



High-end custom light luxury travel. Seeking high -quality entrepreneurial resources to cooperate with overseas markets.



Wuyishan Baisheng Tea



Covering Wuyishan black tea trade, tea culture industrial park , private tea house and other businesses, seeking Wuyishan black tea trade exports overseas.



Hongman Capital



A professional fund management company dedicated to early investment institutions that focus on national local government guidance funds, focusing on pharmaceutical health, smart manufacturing, ICT industry, and cultural media. Demand to connect Chinese and foreign quality projects and corporate resources. 








If you are not invited , it does not matter. Any entrepreneur who has participated in our 114th event will have chance to re-recommend another member. 




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